Gravels used for driveways and brick paver base come in two basic forms. They are either clean stone,
or a mix of stone and fines.

A gravel with fines will pack and create a hard surface. Driveways and roads are usually constructed
using this material. This material is also used for the base construction of brick paver patios and
retaining walls. We stock a ¾” to fines limestone material called 23A. Sometimes it is referred to as Stonemix, Stonecrete or driveway mix.

A clean stone gravel will settle into soil to stiffen soft areas, allows for drainage, and packs into place. This product can be used for driveways as well as backfill for retaining walls and base construction for permeable pavers. We stock a ½”-1” 6AA limestone gravel here.


23A Gravel


6AA Gravel

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