Thinking about leaving your mark in stone? We can help. Stone Quest has been putting words and numbers into stone for over 10 years by creating address boulders, fundraising brick, pet markers, and memorial stones & benches.

We have helped communities, schools, churches and other associations generate funds using engraved brick. These brick are a perfect way to say Thank You to those who donate. Engraved brick can add beauty to a project while providing a lasting memory to the families, corporations or groups that contributed to your project. Use a fundraiser that starts with a firm foundation – Engraved Brick. Big plans or small, an engraved brick fundraiser can help you achieve your project goals. Stop in to discuss your needs with our staff.

Do you want a unique way to display your address or name at a residence or business? How about a boulder with the information blasted into it. We can do that. Come in with your information, pick out your boulder, choose a font and we will do the rest.

We can provide you with a custom memorial for a special person or pet. Put that memory on a stone, boulder or bench. Stones are available in several colors, and benches can be formal or rustic looking. Bring us your own words, or choose from a standard message and we will help you create a lasting memory.

Whether you need an address boulder, fundraising brick, or a memorial stone, come in and let our staff help you.

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