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The construction of any hardscape project requires using the proper materials, and installing them correctly.

Whether you are installing brick pavers or flagstone, the materials you use will fall into three categories – Base, Bedding, or Jointing.

Base Material is usually a limestone gravel mix. It will contain stone and fines so that it will pack into a firm base. This material is installed and compacted on top of the native soil. Proper compaction of this layer is critical to the durability of your project. Typical product names are 23A, 22A, Stonemix, or Stonecrete.

Bedding Material, or leveling, is usually a sharp, course sand or aggegrate. It provides a thin leveling or setting layer for the paver or stone to be installed in. It is screeded out on top of the compacted base. Another function of this layer is drainage. Typical product names are 2NS Sand, Limestone Fines or Slag Sand.

Jointing Material is fine, sharp, crushed sand or stone material, and is usually referred to as Joint Sand. It is swept in the gaps, or joints, of the brick pavers or stone and then compacted. It’s primary function is to improve the interlock and therefore the durability and stability of a paved surface. This sand usually comes bagged so that it is kept dry for easy installation. Jointing Sand comes in two basic forms – Regular and Polymeric Sand.

  • Polymeric sand is an alternative to regular jointing sand. It is a mixture of properly graded sand and a water activated polymer as a bonding agent. This polymer, when dampened, makes the sand harden up in the joints, creating a solid, water resistant joint. The benefits of using polymeric sand include increased project durability, reduced sand washout, deters weed growth, and increased resistance to ants.
  • Not all polymeric sands are created equal. Many contain portland cement as an additive, and improper installation will wreak havoc on your project. Stone Quest has teamed up with the manufacturer of PolySweep Sand to bring our customers a superior product without the hazing problems of other brands. Polysweep is available in Tan, Grey and Wide Joint. We also carry EnviroBond products that use an organic binder.
  • All projects do not require the use, and added expense of polymeric sand. Talk with our trained staff about your project and concerns to decide what Jointing Sand is right for your project.