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Gravel-Lok™ is a single component liquid used to bond various sizes of stone together to form a permeable, hard, natural stone surface. It can be used in a wide variety of residential, parks and commercial applications where a porous surface or stone scaping is required.

Combine Gravel-Lok™ with clean, dry natural pebbles and you can create a durable, decorative, eco-friendly porous surface. It can be installed using either the mixing method or pouring method, and a roller coat. A maintenance roller coat is applied as needed to maintain surface.

Gravel-Lok™ by itself is suitable for residential pathways and patios, garden paths, French drains, stone scaping, and city street tree rings. When you combine it with LSG Load Support Grid, it can be used in driveways and other high traffic areas. Gravel-LokTM is available in either Clear (UV Stable) or Amber. We stock 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers of both products.