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We are strictly a material supplier. Our staff can help you with installation information for the DIYer, or we can refer you to someone on our Contractor Referral List. Please contact our office for this list.

While we do not go on-site, our knowledgeable staff can help you calculate material quantities from dimensions that you provide.

We sell to both contractors and homeowners. Materials can be picked up or delivered.

Our yard personnel will load your vehicle with bulk or bagged product. However, we cannot load bulk product into a vehicle or trailer with a top.

No, we are here and able to load your vehicle during regular business hours.

All stone that is sold by weight will cover different amounts due to density and size. However, we do know 1 cyd of mulch will cover approximately 100 sqft at 3-4” deep, and 1 cyd topsoil/sand will cover 130 sqft compacted.

There is a charge for Delivery and it is based on location. Our staff can tell you what the charge is and how much material we can deliver at one time. The charge is the same whether it is a minimum quantity or a full load.

We have two products for driveways. A 23A gravel mix that packs very hard and a 6AA clean stone that will stiffen up soft areas.

Our drivers will do our best to “Drop and Drag” spread the stone, however, you will still have to do some levelling. Please realize that any overhead wires and trees may prevent this.

Our drivers will do there best to fulfill your request, but we request an alternate location to dump if our driver determines he cannot get where you want. There are times of the year that we do not allow our drivers to go off hard surfaces.

Although we do carry several soils, we do not classify any of them as Black Dirt. The color of soil does not determine the quality of the product, and not all good soils are black.

Screened Topsoil is dirt that has been screened and is ideal for lawns and filling in holes.

Topsoil Blend is just that, a blend that is ready to plant in. A blend of screened topsoil, Dairy Doo Compost, and Peat. It is perfect base for gardens, planting flowers and/or shrubs. See our line of Dairy Doo bagged product for specialty blends.

Dairy Doo Compost is 100% compost and is used as an amendment to other soils. It is not to be planted directly into.

No mulch will actually deter or attract ants and bugs. However, some people do say that Cedar does have properties that are better than other mulches.

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Stone Quest serves Saginaw, Midland, Bay City and surrounding counties.