The proper infield mix will give good player footing, good ball visibility, and good ball bounce, while providing drainage for reduced rainouts. Choosing the right material is critical because most of the game is played on the infield. Not any old dirt will do.

At Stone Quest, we carry Diamond Dust, Washington Ball Mix, and Sure-Hop infield mixes. When discussing infield dirt for ball diamonds, there is not one material that fits all situations. Several things need to be considered such as maintenance capabilities, player expectations, and budget in order to choose the right infield material. All products are not created equal. Some infield mixes are just quarry by-products, while others are engineered products made to specific ratios of sand, silt and clay. With any infield material, proper grading and maintenance is required for the materials to perform properly.

This product is an economical, locally sourced infield mix. It is a quarry by-product material that is gray in color. This product is usually used in county and township parks, churches or other fields with low budgets.

This is our most popular Red Infield Mix. Mar-Co Clay’s Washington Ball Mix is a great product for improving the playing condition of an existing field, or for constructing a new one. It is a great product for giving a professional red clay look, providing better moisture control, and giving great playability. Most often used for little league, high school, and college fields.

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